Lawn & Garden Services

What Services We Provide

At AmeriLawn, we provide all services related to residential and commercial lawn mowing and maintenance, including: mowing, lawn edging, and leaf mulching and removal. We are also experts in pest control.

Mowing Services

Mowing Services

We use commercial-grade, zero-turn radius mowers. We can mow any lawn of any size!

Trimming & Edging

Trimming and Edging are included in all mowing services.

Next Spring we will offer:

Lawn Application

PreEmergents, Fertilization, Targeted Lawn Treatments and much more.

Clean Up Services

We can do leaf mulching and removal, as well as remove lawn clippings, sticks, rocks, and other debris.

We can get rid of weeds growing inside your beds as well as any poison ivy you might have growing.

This fall we will offer:

Getting your yard prepped and ready to go in the fall.Your grass roots need air, water and nutrients to grow thick, deep and strong. We can help prep your yard for future growth. Seeding after Aerating is the most optimal time for good health grass growth.